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Corrective Measures is a 2022 American action sci-fi thriller film set in the world’s most dangerous maximum-security penitentiary, home to the most treacherous criminals, tensions among the inmates and staff heighten, leading to anarchy that engulfs the prison and order is turned upside down.

Written, co-produced and directed by Sean Patrick O’Reilly (Panda vs. Aliens; The Legend of Hallowaiian; Howard Lovecraft franchise) from a story by Grant Chastain. Also produced by Tyler Bishop Harron and Michelle O’Reilly.

The movie stars Bruce Willis (American SiegeApexMidnight in the SwitchgrassOut of DeathHard KillCosmic SinBreachDie Hard franchise), Michael Rooker, Tom Cavanagh, Brennan Mejia, Kevin Zegers, Dan Payne and Celia Aloma.

Corrective Measures takes place at San Tiburon, an Ubermax prison hidden in the Great Northwest, resided by monsters, cyborgs and supervillains, all equipped with 24-hour power inhibitors and shock collars.

The overseer, Warden Devlin (Michael Rooker, “Suicide Squad”) is as corrupt as his charges. His sole interest is in getting his hands on Julius Loeb’s (Bruce Willis, “Die Hard”) untraceable fortune. But Julius Lobe, AKA “The Lobe,” is the most notorious prisoner and a super genius who may not be so willing to part with his riches.

The already fragile peace of the prison descends into chaos with the arrival of Payback (Dan Payne, “Watchmen”), a murderous vigilante with red intentions, and Diego Diaz (Brennan Mejia, “Power Rangers”), a driver on a trumped-up sentence. As tensions between the inmates and staff heighten, “The Conductor” (Tom Cavanagh, “The Flash”) sends shocks through the prison system and order is officially turned upside down. Corrective Measures is the story of an everyman’s journey into darkness.”

Our view:
Based on a graphic novel which is presumably more visual (ahem), Corrective Measures is juvenile, painfully talky, clichéd and mostly dull. Clearly, Rooker and Willis are the main attractions but it’s sad to see both reduced to appearing in a movie that’s so beneath both their talents. That said, Willis’ brief role is at least more interesting than in Fortress: Sniper’s Eye. He has a few more lines and is more animated. The superbrain angle is just never really evident.

Beyond the ‘stars’, Kat Ruston is slightly notable as a sassy prison warden if only because these roles are usually almost exclusively male. Corrective Measures revels in its cynicism which is fine if that’s your bag, But as dour prison dramas go it’s definitely not a recommendation. It’s all clearly shot in one tiny location that hardly resembles a penitentiary whilst the superpowers some prisoners have are woefully underdeveloped. An hour into this and most viewers will surely want out?

For more recent trashy, yet entertaining, prisonsploitation visit Escape from Death Block 13 with Robert Bronzi. At least that has more genuine silliness.

Adrian J Smith, MOVIES and MANIA

Other reviews:

“I understand that Willis was limited and therefore, his performance comes off as weary instead of Hannibal Lecter, guiding the riot from solitary confinement. This movie also pulls a The Astrologer by having its wildest idea — a Phantom Zone that takes the Christian idea of Limbo and applies it to solitary confinement — be dashed off and forgotten…” B&S About Movies 

“Arguably, the sleazy Vogt-ish stuff holds back Corrective from fully establishing its own identity. Frankly, if it were government bureaucrats who accidentally created the super-crisis, it would probably make more sense. Nevertheless, super-villains in a super-prison helps it stand apart from vastly more expensive, but more generic tentpole movies. Mostly recommended…” J.B. Spins

“Ably choreographed fighting scene in the introduction this qualification will make a ridiculous view for brawls in jail for villains with superhuman abilities. The movie’s screenplay with no main hero is saggy, passive, far-fetched with elaboration in transition to needful plot’s action and story’s conflicts come with no motives.” Lukaschik Gleb

Corrective Measures will be available for streaming on Tubi TV from April 29, 2022.

Cast and characters:
Bruce Willis … The Lobe
Michael Rooker … Warden Devlin
Tom Cavanagh … Gordon Tweedy
Brennan Mejia … Diego Diaz
Kevin Zegers … Captain Brody
Dan Payne … Payback
Celia Aloma … Felicia Johnson
Hayley Sales … Doctor Isabelle Josephs
Kat Ruston … Officer Morales
Matthew Kevin Anderson … Danny Breeze
Daniel Cudmore … Diamond Jim
Malcolm Sparrow-Crawford … Neumann
John DeSantis … Darius
Doug Bradley … Senator Zechariah
Violet Rain … Martina Diaz
Chris Wood … Officer Bob
Brad Proctor … The Flu
Chris Devitt … Zed the Zompyre/Nienhart
Jessie Chima … Evil Inmate
Richard Simpson … BulletDaddy
Vladimir Ruzich … Vlad
Luke Camilleri … Jack Jeffrey
Jasmine Bala … Sarsh Michaels
Joe Perkins … Glenn Barry
Taylor Tai … Bulletproof
Nelson Conway … Slasher
Sean Patrick O’Reilly … Sonic Boom
Tyson Arner … The Klaun

Filming locations:
Vancouver, Canada
Atlanta, Georgia


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