OLD MAN (2022) Reviews of Lucky McKee’s thriller with Stephen Lang – trailer

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‘Beware the enemy within’
Old Man is a 2022 American thriller about a lost hiker who stumbles upon an irascible enigmatic old man living in a cabin in the woods.

Directed by Lucky McKee (Kindred Spirits; Blood Money; All Cheerleaders Die; The Woman; Red; The Woods; May) from a screenplay written by Joel Veach. Produced by Cameron Burns, Alex Euting, Amber Geneva, Aaron B. Koontz, Marc Senter and Ashleigh Snead.

The Blood Oath-Paper Street Pictures-Title Media production stars Stephen Lang, Marc Senter, Patch Darragh and Liana Wright-Mark.

Plot synopsis:
Deep in the woods, a lost hiker (Marc Senter) stumbles upon the cabin of an erratic and reclusive old man (Stephen Lang).


What starts off as cordial conversation soon turns dangerous as it becomes clear that one or both of them might be hiding a terrifying secret…

“After a careful buildup that lasts a majority of the film, Old Man rushes towards its conclusion. It is a fun twist and the closing moments are excellent, but the film just seems to jump into its climax. This does not make Old Man any less entertaining, however. It will invite conversation and have people talking about guilt, remorse, and love.” AIPT


“The sheer joy of this movie is that Lang and Senter are onscreen alone for nearly the entire running time, outside of a flashback of a Bible salesman (Patch Darragh) that happened to show up at the old man’s door and visions of his long-gone wife Genie (Liana Wright-Mar). The rest is intricate camera work, assured direction and unleashing madness…” B&S About Movies

“McKee uses a soft focus to blur out the setting to make the scenes more private between the old man and Joe as everything literally fades into the background […] The direction, writing, and cinematography of Old Man all combine to make a very compelling film, but the clincher is definitely Lang and Senter as they show how their stories invoke jealousy, anger, and fear.” Nightmarish Conjurings

Old Man is as slippery as the mercurial character of the title, whose every volatile mood swing – from cantankerous to tender, from menacing to addled – is perfectly modulated by Lang in a protean performance of a man as unwilling to face himself as to be deconstructed by others. Senter is the perfect foil: hesitant where the Old Man is assertive, and courteous where the Old Man is gruff, and yet having much more in common with his host than is at first apparent.” Projected Figures

” …a mesmerizing thriller that you won’t be able to take your eyes off of. McKee, working from a screenplay by first-time feature screenwriter Joel Veach, has crafted a powder keg of a story wonderfully. Alex Vindler’s cinematography marvelously captures the gripping proceedings.” 4 out of 5, The Scariest Things

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