THE QUANTUM DEVIL (2022) Reviews of sci-fi horror

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‘Welcome to Hell’
The Quantum Devil is a 2022 science fiction horror film about a team of scientists who are summoned to a remote location in eastern Europe in an effort to breach the quantum barrier and travel to another dimension…

Directed by Larry Wade Carrell (The Darkside of Society; Girl Next; The End of April; 200 Degrees; Altered Perception; She Rises) from a screenplay co-written with Zeph E. Daniel, based on a story co-written by Stephen Johnston and Michael Muscal and inspired by H.P. Lovecraft. Produced by Loris Curci (The Ghosts of Monday😉 and Milan Todorovic. Executive produced by Patricia Daniel, Keith Daniel and Zeph E. Daniel.


The Crazed House-Talking Wolf Productions movie stars Neil Dickson, Tyler Tackett, Ariadna Cabrol, Edward Apeagyei, Tamara Radovanovic, Mehmet Cerrahoglu (Baskin), Helen Babic, Marcus Jean Pirae, Loris Curci (The Ghosts of Monday; Nightworld; Havana Darkness), Ranko Goranovic, Milan Todorovic and Anastasia Stacie Vanelli. Robert Englund (A Nightmare on Elm Street) has a cameo role.


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The Quantum Devil is being distributed worldwide by 1091 Pictures. The UK digital release is via Jinga and High-Fliers and is available now.


“There’s a creepy-looking seal/human hybrid that pops up briefly, a character gets pretty much skinned alive in a cool-looking zombie-like sequence and there’s plenty of blood and gore. When practical effects are used, it all looks pretty great too. And even if it’s poor CGI, a giant Cthulhu figure is always cool to see. Maybe if The Quantum Devil had stuck with its horror influences and shown less of the science jargon, it would have been more entertaining.” Nerdly

“This had a great visual look to it, but I found the plot hard to follow and not really that interesting. I am often a fan of style over substance, but there wasn’t enough here for me to really grip onto, The Quantum Devil wasn’t a dull film, but nor did I ever find myself that invested in the story it was trying to tell.” 6 out of 10, The Rotting Zombie

“Plenty of blood, nudity of the living and the dead, references to self-gratification, and the partaking of marijuana are on display. Completists of Lovecraftian cinema, aficionados of ambitious independent horror cinema that aren’t afraid to take chances, and those in an adventurous mood should find plenty to have fun with in The Quantum Devil.” 3 out of 5, The Scariest Things

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Cast and characters:
Neil Dickson … Doctor Richard Cernovich
Ariadna Cabrol … Ivanna Escalante
Edward Apeagyei … Brad Richards
Tamara Radovanovic … Sophie/Katia Sokolova
Tyler Tackett … Luke Matthews
Mehmet Cerrahoglu … Klaatu
Helen Babic … Kathy Thompson
Marcus Jean Pirae … Heinrich
Milan Todorovic … Cernovich’s Driver
Loris Curci … Agent Bliss
Ranko Goranovic … Taxi driver
Anastasia Stacie Vanelli … Geisha

Filming locations:
Belgrade, Serbia

Technical specs:
1 hour 35 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.35: 1

$2 million (estimated)

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