THE JACK IN THE BOX: AWAKENING (2021) British demon clown horror sequel


The Jack in the Box: Awakening is a 2021 British horror film which continues the tale of a cursed creepy demon clown. It is a sequel to The Jack in the Box (2019).

Written and directed by Lawrence Fowler (The Jack in the Box; Curse of the Witch’s Doll), the Fowler Media production stars Matt McClure (Penny Dreadful TV series), Mollie Hindle, James Swanton (The Banishing; A Werewolf in England; Vampire Virus; Host; Frankenstein’s Creature; Double Date), Nicola Wright (Devil Djinn; Medusa: Queen of the Serpents; Witches of Amityville Academy; Don’t Speak; Cupid), Nicholas Anscombe (The Revenge of Robert) and Michaela Longden (Book of Monsters; The Creature Below).


The Jack in the Box: Awakening will be released in 2021 on a date to be announced.


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Cast and characters:

Matt McClure … Edgar Marsdale
Mollie Hindle … Amy Proctor
James Swanton … Jack
Nicola Wright … Olga Marsdale
Nicholas Anscombe … Doctor Clarke
Michaela Longden … Janet
Jason Farries … Frank
Victor Mellors … Issac Huxley

Original title:

The Jack in the Box 2