SAND PYTHON SIEGE (2021) Review of Chinese monster movie


Sand Python Siege is a 2021 Chinese monster movie about a giant snake attacking a seemingly abandoned factory deep within the desert. Also known as Snake: Fall of a City

Directed by Yan Yue Yang and Xuanzai from a screenplay co-written with Sui Dongrui, the movie stars Lin Feng Ye, Li Jiayi, Ma Wenliang, Sun Indian and Wang Lee Asia.


Race driver Lin Chuang secretly admires his competitor Liang Zi. In a desert race, Liang Zi took the initiative and decided to quit. However, Lin Chuang didn’t know, so he followed her. Unexpectedly, the two of them are attacked by a mysterious underground sand python on their way. They flee to a nearby abandoned factory and find the wealthy businessman Xiong Kun exploring for rare minerals there. He bought this land from the biological doctor Jiang Cong.

Various clues show that there is a close connection between the mysterious sand python, the missing father, and the abandoned factory. At the time everyone discovers that there are more giant sand pythons hidden underground…


“Unfortunately, the prop snake looks like a rigid piece of plastic with an equally stiff tongue that occasionally pops out when it hisses, it looks like something from a 1950s film […] With a terrible script, uninspired direction and worse effects Snake: Fall of a City doesn’t come close to providing the cheesy fun similar films like Crocodile Island or Snakes do…” Voices from the Balcony

Original title:

沙蟒围城 aka Sha Mang Wei Cheng

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