IRON BLOOD GUARD (2021) Preview of Chinese mutant monster sci-fi action


Iron Blood Guard is a 2021 Chinese science-fiction action film about a security team beset by jungle mutants and monsters. Also known as Iron Guards: Alien Invasion and Jagged Guardian: Alien Invasion

Directed by Lu Yunfei from a screenplay co-written by Fan Daming and Zhang Guoying, the movie stars Chen Yuchen, Liu Yuxin, Yu Sichu and Li Yikun starring.


Leader Guo Yuanchao and security team member Cao Xinyi are preparing for their wedding. However, in order to rescue their missing teammate Pete, they enter the jungle and put the wedding off. They are attacked by mysterious species such as mutant plants, bloodthirsty vines and ferocious monsters which have been created by a meteorite magnetic field…


The film will be broadcast exclusively on the Tencent Video Film Channel on February 23, 2021.

Filming locations:

Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province, China

Original title:



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