SNOW MONSTER (2019) Review and overview of Chinese Yeti movie


Snow Monster is a 2019 Chinese fantasy film about a team of explorers that discover a Yeti-like creature in an uncharted Arctic valley.

Directed by Huang He, the movie stars Zhang Yongxian, Wu Junpeng (The Tokyo Vampire), Li Ruoxi (Snakes 2) and Jian Youngbo.


Shen (Zhang Yongxian) is leading a team into the Arctic wastelands when something large and hairy turns up and trashes their Sno-Cat. Her employers reach out to Ren (Wu Junpeng), the only person who can lead a rescue team. Ren is also Shen’s ex so he agrees.

The team has to trek through a tunnel full of prehistoric birds with a taste for human brains. However, they make it out of the tunnel and find themselves in an uncharted valley. And under attack by snow sharks. Until something huge and hairy shows up…


“It’s aimed at the kids and will appeal to them and anyone who grew up on 1970s films like Godzilla vs. Gigan or The Mighty Peking Man. It’s one to just turn your brain off and enjoy as it all ends in a wild brawl that pits the good guys and the Snow Monster against the villains and a trio of jet fighters equipped with sonic cannons that turn up out of nowhere.” Voices from the Balcony

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Snow Monster