HUGE SHARK (2021) Review of Chinese action horror


Huge Shark is a 2021 Chinese action horror film about a birthday gathering of four friends that results in a fight for human survival.

Directed by Huang Zhaosheng, the movie stars Zhao Yihuan, Huang Tao, Hong Shuang, Luan Tian and Zhang Lei.


“Due to changes in ocean currents, shark activity appeared near a certain diving area, but the traces are unknown. The hungry shark is ready to move, waiting for an opportunity to start a merciless killing.

Doctor Shen Xin was invited to attend the birthday party of his cousin Liu Yiran, but by accident, he got involved in the emotional farce of his cousin boyfriend Zhou Tianming and his female boss He Wendy.

As everyone knows, the four strayed into the shark-infested place, and the bloodthirsty hunt was staged. In order to save everyone’s lives, Shen Xin launched a desperate contest with the bloodthirsty sharks…” [Translated from Chinese]

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Technical details:

68 minutes

Original title:

巨鲨之夺命鲨滩 “Giant Shark’s Death Shark Beach”

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