KILLER SHARK aka DEATH SHARK (2021) Reviews and overview


Killer Shark aka Death Shark is a 2021 Chinese action horror film about six young men and women are trapped in the sea and attacked by sharks. Giant raging man-eating sharks, that is, mutated by pollution.

Written and directed by Shi Qiang, the movie stars Qiu Pincheng, Liang Jingjing, Shu Guilin, Wu Fangyuan and Chen Yajing.


“Writer/director Shi Qiang is content to recycle plot elements from countless previous aquatic creature films […] Effects wise Killer Shark is extremely weak. We see plenty of the shark but the CGI is awful. The scenes of it leaping out of the water are more funny than frightening […] It’s not quite Amityville Island bad but it’s certainly close. The attack scenes are either jerky CGI or happen underwater and out of sight, blood surrounding the character’s upper body as they scream.” Voices from the Balcony

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