VARIATION HYDRA (2020) Monster movie – free to watch online – now with new clip!


Variation Hydra is a 2020 Chinese science fiction action horror film about an expedition to find a seven-headed monster that lurks in the jungle. Also known as Mutant Hydra

Directed by Lin Yu Tong from a screenplay written by Too Yuqing, the movie stars Lee Yu, Zhang Zhi Ran, Kai, For Mei Yan and Huang Shuo Wen.


Young scientist Bai Jingtian is looking for a murderous hydra, leading a group of people into the vast mountainous jungle. He thought it was just an ordinary scientific expedition. Unexpectedly, one danger after another follows after: “ghost shadow” blocking Roads, monsters raging, and unpredictable people’s hearts.

Bai Jingtian and his companions fall into desperation time and time again and there are countless mysteries such as hormones missing for no reason, companions who have returned from the dead…There is no way to seek help in the dense forest. Who is the enemy? Who are friends? If you make a mistake once, you may die in the mouths of the monster…

Original title:

变异九头蛇 “Variation or Mutant Hydra”


Clip 1:

Clip 2:

Full film free to watch online:

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