BIG SHARK ATTACK (2021) Preview of Chinese monster movie with trailer



Big Shark Attack is a 2021 Chinese monster movie about a giant shark that has been genetically mutated by pollution.

Directed by Jiahao Zhang and starring Wang Yansong, Liu Tingyi, Zhu Hong, Zhang Yijun and Shunzi.


In the boundless sea, a giant shark with genetic mutation caused by chemical pollution is running rampant…

The big boss of a chemical plant, Du Heng, wants to buy a fishing ground to develop the ocean world, so he has set up a casino. Lin Haiyang, the owner of the fishery, developed a large gambling debt. However, Lin Haiyang discovers that Du Heng’s company has been polluting the fishing ground so is beaten up and taken captive by Du Heng’s henchmen.

Meanwhile, Lin Kai, the son of Lin Haiyang, goes alone to rescue his father and runs into Pei Lu, the daughter of a worker who was secretly investigating pollution in the chemical plant. The two are taken hostage by Du Heng’s men.

At the same time, the giant mutant shark had become more manic. After Du Heng learns this, he plans to use Lin Kaipei Lu and others as bait to catch the mutant shark. A showdown to the death in the rough and story sea ensues…

Original title:

大鲨鱼 “Big Shark”

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