BUGS aka BUGS 3D (2014) overview and new YouTube review



Bugs is a 2014 Chinese science fiction horror feature film directed by Yan Jia. Its stars Xia Zitong, Zhang Zilin, Eric Wang and Sphinx Ting. Also known as Bugs 3D and Shi ren chong (original title: 食人虫


In the near future, due to the huge demand for protein, synthetic protein is rapidly developed around the world. James, a fanatic geneticist, has managed to raise superbugs that can provide high-quality protein at low-cost.

However, the reproduction of the bugs goes out of control. They break out of the tubes, devour scientists, and turn into giant monsters. Numerous monster bugs hankering after men’s flesh and blood swarm into the sea.

Meanwhile, there’s a rave party going on by the beach, and the participants have no idea the bugs are coming. The bugs keep reproducing and eventually cause a tsunami. The young people enjoying the party suddenly get ripped up and eaten. The bugs turn the beautiful beaches into a horrible sea of blood.

Some guys are bold enough to jump onto the ship where the bug queen is at, hope to end the war by killing it. They know – if they don’t succeed, mankind will be doomed…


Bugs was released on October 10, 2014, and by the following day had earned ¥7.74 million at the Chinese box office.