GIANT CROCODILE (2020) Review and now free to watch online


Giant Crocodile is 2020 Chinese monster movie about the titular creature which has the power of invisibility!

Directed by Binlin Jin, the movie stars Camille Chalons, Ai Dong, Liu Yu In, Chen Pei Su, Ai East and Left Kim.


The beautiful resort island, the new “Purple Lake”, a popular spot for online celebrity check-in, attracts many tourists, and the lake itself engulfed several tourists one after another. The only daughter of the richest man in a Southeast Asian country disappeared there seemingly without a trace.

War correspondent Bai Yu launched an investigation. Biologists and “crocodile hunters” confirmed that the daughter of the richest man had died in a crocodile attack. The richest man vows to hunt the crocodile at all costs and avenge the death of his daughter. However, these creatures are not your normal crocs they are mutant giant crocodiles. Will they be able to defeat these creatures?

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