MONSTER OF LAKE HEAVEN (2020) Chinese creature feature with trailer


Monster of Lake Heaven aka Tianchi Water Monster is a 2020 Chinese horror creature feature film about explorers fighting the titular beast. The movie stars Yang Fan and Guo Zhen. Original title: 长白山天池水怪


One late night in 1995, in a mysterious area, two scientific expedition team members are exploring some woods. At this time, a huge “water monster” appears behind them. As they attempt to escape, it seems they may have been killed…

2019: In order to discover the truth about his father’s disappearance twenty-five years ago, Zhong Xiao contacts his father’s former colleague Yang Zhendong, his girlfriend Yihan, and his friend Da Zhuang. The group go to Changbai Mountain’s Tianchi, and explore the area based on the clues left in his father’s diary entry: “Dark River Theory”.

In the process of fighting against huge man-eating worms and blood-sucking ticks, various theories surface until they manage to escape all the dangers and arrive at the deepest part of a nearby cave. The group finally discovers the “water monster egg”, which had concealed the secret for twenty-four years… [translated from Chinese]


The film will be released in China on November 11th 2020.

Thanks to Asian Film Fans for alerting us to this new monster movie.

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