MONSTERS (2015) Chinese horror


Monsters – aka Yi zhong and 异种 – is a 2015 Chinese horror film directed by Guo Hua from a screenplay co-written with Yung Huang and Ping Yi. It stars Liu Qing, Zhou Haodong, Wu Yanyan, Zhao Qianzi, Yu Zijian, Shang Hong, Li Wenjie and Luo Xuan.

Jia Ying, a real estate sales manager, is mean, indifferent and still single. After her last clients have gone, she realises that she has left her mobile in the office. Thus, she is the only person in the building when it suddenly collapses and the elevator she is in crashes down the life shaft.

Injured and bleeding, Jia finds that her personal phone does not work. But she does find a battered work phone that connects. Unfortunately, the person that answers provides strange answers to her frantic calls. Worse still, there is a monster lurking in the dark…