ALIEN MONSTERS (2020) Preview


Alien Monsters is a 2020 Chinese science fiction horror feature film about opening the Spatio-temporal door which brings alien creatures to the earth. The original title is 异星怪兽之荒野求生

Directed by Serenity and Li Le from a screenplay written by Li Xiaoming and Hu Kui, the movie stars Li Bing, Li Man, Mu Jianan, Nuo Yao and Zhou Yue.


College student Qin Feng (Li Bing) who goes on a wild adventure camp with Li Yao (Nuo Yao), Yi Yi (Sun Shubo) and Lu Yuan (Sun Shubo). Meanwhile, the opening of the Spatio-temporal door accidentally brings intelligent alien creatures to earth. The runaway monsters begin slaughtering humans.

In order to prevent the monsters from invading in large numbers, the combat team carrying high-tech weapons build traps in high-risk isolation zones. Unfortunately, the young people’s car is headed into the restricted area…


Alien Monsters will be released in China in May 2019.

Technical details:

73 minutes