ALIEN AWAKENING aka ALIEN INVASION (2020) Chinese Lovecraftian monster movie


Alien Awakening is a 2020 Chinese science-fiction horror film about a quantum mechanics experiment that unleashes Cthulhu-inspired monsters. Also known as Alien Invasion and original title 异兽觉醒

Directed by Lin Yunxiang (Mermaid School Flower) and starring Zheng Xitong, Wang Yiqi, Xu Shaoxiong, Luo Yingjun and Lou Xuexian. Produced by Feng Xiao.


Private detective Xu Siwei accepts Yang Lin’s invitation to investigate the disappearance of his father Yang Dong via quantum mechanics experiments. The two of them explore the laboratory but inadvertently enter another world before arriving in the mysterious town of Seamore.

There, they visit a gruesome ancient mansion and a mysterious mental hospital. As a swaying portable oil lamp illuminates the shadowy panic and anxiety, the sound of approaching footsteps heralds the danger that is near Chichi. The secretly dusted ancient oil paintings contain hidden past and answers in the science fiction world…


The movie premiered on October 27th 2020 on the IQiyi channel.


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