MONSTER 731 (2019) Overview


Monster 731 is a 2019 Chinese monster horror feature film about a water demon.

Written and directed by Dong Shu, 黑湖魅影 (“Black Lake Phantom”) stars Zhang Wenjun, Yan Weiying, Zhou Qianxi and He Honggang.

“The Phantom of the Black Lake tells the mystery of a mutant monster drawn from a girl’s disappearance. In order to save the evaporating girlfriend of the world, the male master Ding Xia frequently saw the suicide-stricken sister in the “water phantom” and persuaded him to face his heart. Is this coincidence or premeditated? And the researcher Yu Xiaoyi is investigating the source of the monster. But inadvertently touched the dusty dark side of the history of war…

The film combines historical mystery, serial murder and individual life, full of irresistible fatalism.

The most terrible thing about them is the mental stimulation of human beings: murder can rely on force, but it must be controlled by the spirit.”


The movie will be released in China on August 22nd, 2019.

Source: Images and loosely translated text via China Daily