THE WAR OF WEREWOLF (2021) Preview of Chinese martial arts monster movie



The War of Werewolf is a 2021 Chinese science-fiction action horror film about a young man descended from a tribe of werewolves.

Directed by Tao Yun and starring Zijian Wu, Xuanxuan and Amano.


The story takes place in the earth star in the Large Magellanic Cloud. Wenren Langjun is a descendant of the Moon Star Werewolf tribe with superpowers. After his father went missing and his uncle betrayed the true meaning of the family blood, he realised that he had inherited the superpowers.

Meanwhile, his uncle tried to rule the earth star, so as to meet his father and save the heroic growth process of the earth star, Wenren mist rise to the challenge…

Original title:

半狼传说 “Half Wolf Legend”

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