THE ANTARCTIC OCTOPUS (2023) Review of monster movie plus free to watch online!

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The Antarctic Octopus is a 2023 Chinese sci-fi creature feature monster movie about scientists battling a giant tentacled terror.

Directed by Zhao Jinyi from a screenplay written by Wu Zhigang. The movie stars  Xu Jia, Chen Ruoxi and Zhu Tianfu.

Due to overly commercial scientific research activities driven by human greed, the giant octopus in the Antarctic deep sea retaliated against the Antarctic International Scientific Research Station. Han Lian, an Antarctic transportation team member, was involved in this disaster. In order to help Rosa and his teammate Hadron out, Han Lian must fight to the death with the giant octopus and finally escape…


Free to watch online:

Original title:
极寒之地 “Extremely Cold Place”

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