THE CRETACEOUS WORLD (2022) Monster movie – four clips and free to watch online

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The Cretaceous World is a 2022 monster movie set on a previously submerged island in the Bermuda Triangle full of deadly prehistoric creatures.

Directed by Long Shijing from a screenplay co-written by Long Ge and Guo Jiapeng. The Chinese production stars Liu Yijiang, Wang Qiwenxuan, Rong Rongde, Cao Qiqi and Tian Jingfeng.

Plot synopsis:
The Bermuda Triangle area has always been known as the hell of death. Many years ago, due to the special magnetic field and ocean current environment, a “sleeping” cretaceous island emerged from the water. These factors kept the island isolated from the world for many years and remained undiscovered by human exploration. The island has a large number of dinosaur genes that have been extinct more than 65 million years ago.


With each passing day, times change. The clouds cleared and the mysterious island gradually revealed its hands and feet under the background of the continuous progress of human technology. An international biological research organisation has made a bad plan, using the complete dinosaur genes preserved on the island to secretly study and successfully resurrect a variety of dinosaurs.

A bizarre air crash led a group of survivors to be trapped on this island. In the process of survival, they faced all kinds of difficulties and ups and downs. On the one hand, there were giant dinosaurs living on the island, and on the other hand, the genetic organisation of mysterious creatures tried to cover themselves up. The crime on the island sends mercenaries to kill the survivors.


As well as the differences and contradictions among the survivors, the good and evil of human nature lead to their different endings. It is revealed that the most terrifying thing is not the brutal prehistoric giant beasts, but the various states of human nature. Another angle of the plot also suggests that man and nature can coexist in harmony but some greedy gangsters, for petty profits, do not hesitate to do things that hurt nature, and as a result, nature will naturally retaliate. [translated from Chinese]

Despite its seemingly appealing premise and short running time, The Cretaceous World isn’t a fun watch. It’s dialogue-heavy and relies on clichéd Chinese characters (the selfish businessman, a Western guy as the villain). The dinosaur effects are mixed; some are ok but some are simply awful. The music in the version online seems derived from public domain sources and is often mixed too loud. Overall, The Cretaceous World is not recommended.
Adrian J Smith, MOVIES and MANIA

Original title:

Technical specs:
1 hour 12 minutes

Cretaceous World premiered on Tencent’s video platform on June 10, 2022, and was added to their YouTube channel on September 2.

Highlights [1080p HD]:

Clip 1 [1080p HD]:

Clip 2 [1080p HD]:

Clip 3 [1080p HD]:

Clip 4:

Full film – free to watch online [1080p HD]:

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